How to choose a cap size

Still be in trouble and don’t know how to choose your cap size?

You know a fit cap size is indispensable to a perfect wig, .

First time to wear a wig? A piece a cake!

Read posts below, follow us then get your perfect cap size!


a small cap size:21-21.5

a medium/standard/an average cap size:22-22.5

a large size:23-23.5

 How to choose a cap size



  1. Circumference: over the ears not on the ears. All around your head.
  2. Front to nape: from forehead to nape of neck
  3. Ear to ear across the forehead
  4. Ear to ear over top
  5. Temple to temple: around the back
  6. The nape of the neck


Hope you will enjoy the process of wearing your wig!


Warm tips:

1.Please pay attention to take the proper steps before measuring. If your hair is long, gather the hair into a low ponytail or create a braid pattern.

2.Using a wig cap to lay your hair further down if your hair is short.

3.Measure your head size by taking the right measurements。

4.Your wig should fit comfortably with your natural hairline, which is a few inches above your eyebrows.

5.Studies have shown that an average or medium wig cap size is suitable to the majority. 

6.Adjustable straps allow you to adjust the overall size of your wig for the best and most relaxed fit.

7.Remember your size so you can reference it the next time you order a wig.