Wig Is A Magic gift——Freeing Yourself

10 best tips for new wig wearers

  1. Preparing your wig

Unfold it——give it a little shake——take a wire brush and brush it

  1. Preparing your hair

Slick your hair back and make a tight bun——use a wig cap

  1. Added security

Put a wig grit band /double sided tape on

  1. Putting your wig on

Hold it upside down——put thumbs right on these scissors——touch the top of the wig to eyebrows——bring it up to hairline——make sure the tabs are even on each side of your temples

  1. What if wig is too full...too long

The bangs/length are too long: send it to a hairdresser/brush the band(maybe you need a little hairspray)——a little tweaking or trimming.

  1. Styling your wig

Teasing brushes/metal brush

  1. Getting to know your wig

Allow yourself time to sit with it/do a low ponytail/part it in different ways

Pull these sides if you want some extra height

  1. Building your confidence

Put your wig on——go to many different places and look at the mirror

  1. Maintaining your wig

Wear it 10-15 times——wash your wig with shampoo conditioner made for high quality synthetic hair——hang it till it drip dry all by itself——do not brush it when it’s wet  (no heat)

How to store it:

Fold it inside out——keep it in the plastic bag ( a cool dry place)

  1. Creating a wig wardrobe

A long top/bangs